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Eco-design made Easy

Measure and reduce your product’s carbon footprint

Product innovation using LCA principles

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Data-driven design decisions

“I need to perform reliable sustainability calculations”

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Speed & Simplicity

Eco-design takes too long. We enable faster time-to-market

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Sustainability at the idea stage

“I wish I’d made that design choice 3 months ago”

Designing sustainable products should be simple, fast, and affordable.

Sr. Industrial Design Engineer,
EG Technologies

"Working with Carbon Sync during the development of their LCA tool has allowed the engineering team at EG technology to gain another perspective on the anticipated environmental impact of our designs early on in our development process, corroborating evaluations made using other methods"
Matt Langford

Lead Industrial Designer,
Bird Buddy

"I’ve seen a plug in tool from Solidworks that measure a bit of the product “footprint” but it was barely a scratch on the surface of the tool. Carbon Sync is more thorough and somewhat approachable"
Matt Dean

Product Manager,

Lighting Manufacturer

"Carbon Sync pushes forward the ease and accessibility of eco-design as a practice, which lacks education and tools. After trying out the tool, it has helped me to propose product sourcing and manufacturing improvements. I have found using Carbon Sync so intuitive and beneficial as an industrial designer compared to other available LCA tools."
Neil Willetts

No more spreadsheets, expensive LCA tool trials, power point decks, or expensive consulting fees

All in One

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