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  • Knowledge of essential front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript 

  • Ability to  work well with designers to develop a modern front-end web application 

  • Developing the server-side of the application: proficient in at least one server-side programming language like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby etc.

  • Experience building data models and data access layers against either SQL or NoSQL databases

  • Ability to work comfortably with APIs and external pieces of code 

  • You love collaborative environments that use agile methodologies to encourage creative design thinking and find innovative ways to develop with cutting edge technologies

  • Minimum 3-4 years of prior experience; preferably with enterprise software products 

  • Follow DevOps model, responsible for debugging complex issues in code, finding the root cause, deploy, test, follow best coding standards and target architecture.

  • Envision the functional and nonfunctional requirements to create a scalable, responsive and fast web application

  • Nice to have:
    •  Understanding and hands-on with Python
    •  Hands-on experience with cloud-native solutions


About the Company

Carbon Sync’s mission is to decarbonize global value chains and their cycles of production. To achieve this, we are launching a pilot program: a web application where brands can enter the raw materials and supply chain details of their products to discover the carbon footprint and other climate impacts. Furthermore, we will enable brands to create “impact stories”using our library of carbon labels to share the impact with their customers.

We are looking to target early adopters; i.e., brands whose ethos prioritize sustainability in cosmetics/personal care and apparel.

The ambitious emission targets set in Paris COP 21 will require the private sector to eagerly assume its corporate environmental responsibilities. Given the complexity of the climate system, businesses will first need a comprehensive picture of how and how much their supply chains affect the planet.

Carbon Sync aims to identify the most efficient and cost-effective pathway for businesses of all sizes to become sustainable brands and build sustainable products.

Currently, sustainability services are serving the big players. To incentivize sustainable product design and manufacturing, it is imperative that carbon sync’s platform be made accessible to all teams - ranging from startups to Fortune 500s.

Why solving this problem is crucial

The Pilot

We want to spend the next 3 months building a MVP that will ensure our pilot program is successful. For this, we need an experienced developer who, along with the founder, and turn our vision into real and compelling software experiences for our users. You will be joining a team of designers, sustainability specialists and climate experts.

Job Type

Full Time | Freelance | Contract

Full Stack Engineer


About the Role

We are looking for someone who will grow with the company, and progressively be willing to take on a leading role in development of new projects. We are a mission driven company, and prioritize working with people who are passionate about the climate crisis.

If you’re a full-time freelancer and are happy with your freelance schedule, definitely reach out. If you’re open to project work to get to know each other better but are looking for a full-time, co-founder position, definitely reach out! We are flexible with hybrid working arrangements. Values and culture fit are our top priorities!

We’re looking for someone who can start shortly and will be accepting rolling applications. 

Fill the form or email us at with the subject line as “Engineer job application”.


Include the following in the email:


  • Link to your LinkedIn profile

  • Resume

  • Links to github/prior successful projects (if applicable)

Interested in joining us on our journey?

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